What Thinking Outside Offers.

  • A unique perspective. As professionals/experts who have reviewed hundreds of proposals, we bring the hard reality of a grantmakers point of view to a review of your material.
  • Key messaging advice. It is really helpful to hear someone else interpret your message and help you to hone what, and how, you are saying it.
  • Insights to the mind of program officer, and tips and tricks to keep their interest.
  • Staff and board training. Our insights and approaches would be ideal material for a training day or series of trainings for board members.
  • If you are a philanthropic organization consider developing a contract with Thinking Outside to deliver Technical Assistance services to your grantees. We can get them ready for your grant rounds.
  • Concrete tips to improve your proposals and relationships with funders

 How we can help.

  • Identifying what might trigger red flags in your proposals.Thinking Outside identifies critical questions or concerns in your proposals and flags them for consideration. Often, these unintentional components of your application don’t communicate your nonprofits strengths, and can leave the reviewer with an unclear picture of how your programs fit into their funding portfolio.
  • Help simplify the key components of your theory of change or logic model.
  • Establish concise and clear messages. We believe in the power of a simple and concise message and are relentless in our pursuit of easy to understand.  A nonprofit doesn’t want to communicate in way that leaves the reviewer with uneasy questions. Rather than try to understand, they will dismiss the proposal.
  • Suggestions for deepening your stories, outreach and connections to funders.

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